It Hardware Purchase Agreement

Any Kerio dealer or distributor involved in the purchase of the equipment is not allowed to make modifications, extensions or supplements to the limited warranties provided by Kerio, although such a reseller or distributor may provide its own warranty in addition to the warranty provided by Kerio. Payment Purchase prices and related fees. Payment must be made at the time of order, unless the contracting parties agree otherwise. The customer pays the total purchase price plus the shipment and, if applicable, the processing, as shown on the e-mail invoice. The customer is also responsible for all taxes related to this purchase and the import of the equipment, if applicable, to include all sales taxes, sales taxes, import taxes/customs duties/tariffs and any other similar taxes collected by a public authority, but not restricted. In addition, the customer is responsible for reporting purchases and/or imports, in accordance with local laws, at his head office and/or where the material is delivered by Kerio. Not to sell. The equipment cannot be purchased by the customer for resale unless the customer is a legitimate and authorized reseller of Kerio products. Limitation of liability.

Kerio is not responsible for providing assistance under another agreement between the end user and a kerio dealer or distributor (including, but not only to an extended warranty or maintenance, service or repair contract). If, after the purchase, the equipment is returned at any time for repair or replacement by the customer and Kerio finds that the warranty is not applicable for the above reasons (see “Limited Guarantees” section above), the equipment is not repaired and returned to the customer at the customer`s expense, unless the customer authorizes and pays for the repair. Whether or not the customer authorizes the repair, Kerio reserves the right to charge a “No error found” fee if it is determined that the material is not defective due to a Kerio error. Please read this purchase agreement before using this kerio Technologies, Inc. product (“Kerio”). By subscribing your order online (or your order under the Kerios Try and Buy program) you agree, as a purchaser of Kerio`s equipment (“you” or “customer”), the terms of this sales contract and, if so, you agree to bind under this sales contract any end-user (“end user”) for the name of which you make this purchase (the customer and Kerio are referred to as “collective parties”). If you and/or the end user do not agree with these conditions, do not place your order or if the order has been placed, return the material immediately after receipt without using it. If it is established that he breached this sales contract, Kerio will not be liable for more than the total dollar amount paid by the Customer for the purchase of the equipment under this sales contract. Unless the warranty is provided and to the extent permitted by law, Kerio is not liable for indirect, personal, accidental or consequential damages resulting from a breach of this sales contract, including, but not only, the loss of use; Loss of revenue Loss of actual or expected profits (including lost revenue on contracts); Loss of use of money Loss of expected savings Loss of business Loss of chances Loss of value loss of reputation Loss, damage or deterioration of data or software or indirect or consequential damage, including the exchange of devices and goods, any recovery, programming or reproduction of programs or data stored or used with the material, and any failure to maintain the confidentiality of the data stored on the product.