Lead Generation Services Agreement

A good customer should be willing to share this information with you. If you are not ready to answer this question, you do not need to sign the model of clay production. Even if you like a customer or want to keep a job, they don`t have to compromise your standards. However, before you reject the generator agreement model, take the time to explain to them why such information is important to you as a freelancer. Exclusive agreement – A front-line contract is usually an exclusive agreement between the supplier and the company. 13.16. Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with regard to its purpose and replaces all previous agreements and agreements. 2.01 EduTrades authorizes Whitney to manage and maintain the database in accordance with the administrative service agreement.

EduTrades also allows Whitney to market leads in the database by any means or method, at Whitney`s sole discretion, as stated in the emergency agreement. EduTrades reserves all ownership rights to the database, whether or not the content leads are generated by Whitney under this Agreement. All customer leads generated by the sale or offer to sell EduTrades products are considered part of the database and are confidential information of EduTrades. Whitney shall not use the database for purposes other than those defined in this agreement. 8.1.1. Information contained. For the purposes of this agreement, “confidential information” refers to all confidential and proprietary information, including, but not exclusively, information relating to persons, data, research, products, documentation, services, formulas, processes, techniques, developments, inventions, engineering, pricing, internal procedures, finance, employees and business opportunities. CONSIDERING that whitney has entered into an administrative service agreement with EduTrades to manage and maintain EduTrades` customer-lead database (“database”); There is a major agreement between a company and a provider that exchanges emails, phone numbers or other marketing data for payment. The leads produced by the supplier are sold by base and do not depend on the company`s ability to turn into sales.

The more successful the leads, the higher the price a company is willing to pay. These terms and conditions apply to the service-providing contract between the parties for the provision of services and are an integral part of these terms and conditions. The lead production agreement (`the agreement`) is Lidango Inc.`s public offering, which ends in the United States of America, at the hereditary address of Trolley Square, Suite 20 C, in the city of Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware (`advertiser`) addressed to corporations and individuals (`public`). The parties acknowledge and agree that Whitney acts as an independent contractor in the performance of services under this agreement and that not all Whitney employees, employees and agents are entitled to EduTrades benefits, including, but not only, workers` compensation. This agreement should not be construed or as a joint venture, partnership, agency, employer-worker or other relationships between the parties. Not all employees provided by Whitney under this agreement are employees or agents of EduTrades, and Whitney assumes full responsibility for its actions.