Deferred Payment Agreement Advice

Regarding the benefits of late payment, you must indicate that you want to request a deferred payment. You must inform us before the 12-week period of misappropriation of property expires and as soon as possible. A deferred payment contract has no influence on how your income and savings are assessed to see how much you should pay for your care. As a general rule, you can only apply to join a deferred payment system when your relative has been in residence for 12 weeks or more. Short-term stays in care facilities are not covered. If you don`t want a deferred payment contract, there are other ways to pay for your care. Some examples are: You may be entitled to a deferred payment contract if you are considered by us to be the fee for your housing or care care, but you are not able to pay the full weekly costs, since your capital is committed to your property. We will then pay the difference between your weekly contribution and the actual cost of your care in a residential or care home. This amount we paid becomes a deferred payment. The local authority also has the authority to offer a deferred payment contract to anyone who lives in a nursing home or subsidized housing system and does not meet all the criteria set by the government. When deciding to offer a deferred payment contract, the legal guidelines will take into account the following considerations: the amount of deferred payment you must pay for your care and your assistance is delayed and not “depreciated.” The money you owe in the deferred payment contract, including interest and administrative costs, must be refunded when you sell your home. Only in England, if you have a deferred payment contract, must your local authority take into account the cost of receiving your home when deciding how much you must pay for your care costs. From this you should deduct interest and fees for the deferred payment system, the maintenance and insurance costs of the home and the fees for each owner you use.

If the rental income added to your other income covers all or more than your retirement home expenses, you can rent your property without the need for a deferral of payment. The local authority may allow your parents to rent the property while they are in a retirement home. It may be an option to rent it anyway, but this can of course affect your parents` situation with regard to income limitation for the help of local authorities. Care funding advice is highly recommended. If you receive a child care allowance, the child care allowance is deferred after receiving 28 days of financial assistance from the Landratsamt for your care, which may be either in a nursing home or in a hospital. We may offer you a deferred payment contract if all the following conditions apply: you may be eligible for a deferred payment contract, if you feel that you have been unfairly denied a deferred payment, ask the local authority for clarification on the reasons for this payment and, if so, file a formal complaint. We may refuse a deferred payment request. Under these conditions, the decision is communicated in writing to the applicant and/or his personal representative. The decision sets out the reasons for the refusal and provides for rights of objection. You can find information on the circumstances that may lead to such a refusal on the authorization page. In 2015, the government introduced Deferred Payment Agreements (DPAs) to ensure that people are not forced to sell their homes to pay their retirement home bills1.