How To Change Name In Flat Agreement

Dear Sushma, Option 1 – both can write you a WILL DEED, but the property will not be transferred to you until after they fall. Option two – you can give and your husband must also perform a gift deed on your behalf, so you are the sole owner of the property. Please note that in this case, the income rules apply. Read here: Gifts – Effects of Income Tax. The importance of WILL. How do I write WILL online? Dear Swapnali, are you planning to go for a home loan? In a common name? My brother and I bought an apartment and I owned this apartment. I gave my share in this apartment (50%) My brother is a gift. Now I have no share in this apartment, but my name is still there on loan as a co-applicant. Now I want to buy a new apartment with my name, so I was in doubt whether or not I can get the advantage of PMAY. Please offer your thoughts. This additional purchase will be made from my site by a contribution with Homeloan and for which my name must be registered as an owner to get a credit. I would like to know if he can remove my name from the property documents without my consent?? If so, how can I prevent this? I have my name as a common second name with my brother in the house my father built.

This means that his name is the first and my name is the second. I have left the country and I am afraid that my brother is trying to remove my name from the property. If the owner agrees, you should enter into a tripartite agreement with the owner and your wife is a contracting party to the agreement and you will be the confirming party. This way, the apartment can be registered on your wife`s name. Dear Shashank, you can make a gift in your wife`s name. Suggest- please go through below article: `Do you have a gift? Do you see if it is taxable or tax-exempt? 5 ways to transfer your real estate to imsichierstorn – Sale of inherited real estate (or) and tax effects on capital gains Dear Rohit, you can transfer the property to your name by gift-deed or by a WILL. The cost of receiving gift deed can vary by country. 1) Correction can be made to correct name defects in the No Sreekanth sales number. It is not yet registered. We expect registration in April 2016. Yes.

My name is included in the sales contract that was made when buying or booking the apartment. Dear Rita, The 7/12 excerpt is an extract from the land registry held by the financial department of the Government of Maharashtra. If the wife is not a co-owner of the property, it may not be possible to include her name in the register. Hello Sree, I only have one apartment, there is a loan in progress. I`m transferred to the United States, so I have to rent it. The question is what should happen if I want my wife (a maid) to earn this rental income. Hey, Sreekant. I bought an apartment from a respected architect in Bangalore recently. But the bescom connection has not been regulated until today, the justification as – building near the 11kv line of the power grid company of India.

Bescom Vigilance have also filed a complaint against the owners for alleged theft of electricity and 50 Lakhs fine. Is it worth sleeping in this apartment or is it wiser to get rid of the apartment? Cc and oc are not issued by the owner until today. Unauthorized power still available on the premises of the apartment. Please let us know. Thank you. Rajesh. Dear Abhidnya, you can see two things here; 1 – You can include it as a co-owner by making a donation-deed (mention of ownership).