Que Es Un Campus Agreement

Microsoft grants the university the right to install copies of a version of all campus products contained in a group of products (owned or leased) on all computers (owned or leased) from the date Microsoft signed this campus agreement (expiry date) until its termination in accordance with Clause 7 of this campus agreement, whether it is intellectualized, Apple or otherwise. Microsoft also grants the university the right to access and use these copies by all members of the university (teaching and research staff, administrative and service staff, students and other users) for the duration of the campus agreement. From now on, the above rights for each product category are called “campus licensing.” Each campus license is granted for a specified period of time. It takes effect from the effective date and ends with the termination or expiry of this agreement on campus. The university can only use or reproduce other Microsoft software if it has the appropriate licenses it legitimizes. Campus software products must be strictly used in accordance with the terms, restrictions and restrictions of this agreement on campus and the specific conditions for the use of each campus software product, as published physically or electronically by Microsoft (“Conditions of Use”). Terms of use are usually www.eu.microsoft.com/spain/education/campus.htm. Terms of use can be changed by Microsoft at any time and on a regular basis. Terms of service This Microsoft Campus Agreement (the “Campus Convention”) is between UNIVERSITY OF ALICANTE (“University”) and Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited (“Microsoft”). In addition, the MSCA license required that those who purchased Windows XP Professional have an existing Windows license and allow Office products to be installed on up to two computers.