Waste Management Customer Service Agreement

RESPONSIBILITY FOR EQUIPMENT; access. All equipment provided by the company or its contractors remains the property of the contractor of the company or the company. The customer is responsible for all losses or damage suffered by these devices (except for normal wear and loss and damage caused by the handling of the devices by the company or contractor). The customer may only use the device for the intended purpose and must not overload the device (depending on weight or volume) without the company`s explicit written consent. The holder reserves the right to remove equipment from his equipment (for example. B ausdematon) if the holder decides, at his sole discretion, that his equipment is overloaded either by weight or volume or if the customer is not paid. The customer is alone and exclusively responsible for all costs, fines, property damage and/or other costs related to such a distance of equipment. The customer must compensate, defend and compensate the company for and against all losses resulting from injuries or deaths of persons, loss or property damage (including equipment) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the equipment by the customer. The customer must grant secure and unfettered access to the devices at all times. The company may charge an additional fee for additional pickup services that are required if the customer does not have access. RATES AND ADJUSTMENTS.

The company may, from time to time, notify the customer of increasing the rates provided in this agreement in order to increase due to; (a) a change in the location of the customer or disposal facility used by the company or its supplier; b) disposal costs; (c) the actual costs borne by the company as a result of changes to applicable government taxes or charges; d) The average weight per cubic metre of customer waste. (e) The consumer price index. (f) the change in costs by the company or its contractor as a result of changes to existing legislation and overhead. The client also recognizes that the entity manages the services listed on behalf of the client in order to reduce the total cost of the customer for these services and that, in some cases, a reduction in costs cannot be delayed or limited, either for reasons outside the company`s control. These may include, but are not limited to; (a) communal franchise areas; b) existing contracts between the client and the current service provider and/or c) specific operational circumstances. The Customer recognizes that, unlike the above, the company may be required to maintain or increase its rates accordingly, with the consent of the customer which can be proven orally, in writing, electronically or by the actions and practices of the parties. SERVICES, PRICING – PERFORMANCE REPRESENTATIONS. The customer grants Priority Waste, the following term (company), the exclusive right to manage the collection, transportation, disposal and/or recycling of the customer`s non-hazardous solid waste, including recyclable materials (all “waste”), and the company is committed to providing these services.

The company must not increase customer prices by more than five percent per annum, and if the company increases rates by more than five percent per annum, the customer can at any time terminate that contract with a written notification to the company. The customer can also terminate the business at any time due to unresolved and documented business failures. rubbish. Waste must not contain hazardous substances, waste or substances; toxic substances, waste and pollutants; impurities Infectious waste Medical waste or radioactive waste (a “excluded waste” package), which are defined in existing federal, regional and local laws or regulations (together the “applicable laws”).