Agreement Pronunciation Cambridge

Under his conditions, those who wanted to emigrate to the New World could buy shares held by shareholders who wanted to stay at home. The agreement therefore prefigured the creation of Boston, Massachusetts. The agreement guaranteed that the Massachusetts Colony would be self-managed and accountable only to the Crown of England. The colony and the company became one and the same in all respects. The Puritans of Winthrop carried this charter across the Atlantic and arrived in America in 1630. The Cambridge Agreement provided that the Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England would be under local control instead of being controlled by a London-based board of directors. Not all of the company`s shareholders intended to emigrate despite their puritanical sympathies. In return for the guarantee of local control of the colony, the non-emigrant shareholders were bought by the emigrant shareholders. After these negotiations, John Winthrop led the company`s emigration party and was elected colonial governor in October 1629. American and other varieties of English usage and spelling are acceptable. Counting words wastes time in an exam and results in clumsy changes to what a candidate has already written. Practice writing tasks within the word limit to know when you have written a reasonable amount. You should write legibly so that your answers can be marked, but the quality of your writing is not assessed in the test.

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