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The cloud platform secured by UKCloud is connected to the HSCN in geographically different locations. In the unlikely event of a circuit break, we will continue to provide connectivity with the HSCN through our secure data center connection and our HSCN secondary connection. Yes. Our HybridConnect service option allows customers and partners to provide their own private tours, including dedicated HSCN connections. If you want a dedicated HSCN connection to our cloud platform, our team can arrange the installation of dedicated HSCN circuits at each of our data centres in the UK. You must sign the terms of the HSCN Connection Agreement before having access to HSCN: IT service providers may use part of UKCloud`s HSCN connection from outside England, provided they meet the criteria set out in the NHS Digital Guidance: If you think you have signed the connection agreement, go to and search either with your organization name or with the ODS code If you opt for, organizations that use your connection will not have to sign a connection agreement. However, you must enter into a legally binding agreement with your organization, which the HSCN authority can review at any time. PSNC Briefing provides community pharmacy providers with information about the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), which replaces N3, and advice on how best to get and use your IT connection: Click on the briefing below: We are a cloud service provider connected to HSCN and we can provide you with an HSCN connection with our cloud environments. However, there is no longer an aggregation program for HSCN. Q.

What will be the impact of the HSCN transition on the overall cost of the connection? This agreement provides access to the HSCN for health, social and related organizations. The HSCN is a data network that enables health and social services to access and exchange information reliably, flexibly and efficiently. The agreement provides support for the transition and implementation. Any organization wishing to use HSCN must enter into a liaison agreement. By “Using HSCN” we see “sending or receiving data via HSCN”. Signing this agreement means that your organization is ready to be connected to the HSCN as soon as you identify an HSCN provider. You can log in to the UKCloud portal and change the firewall settings in the Edge Gateway properties to allow or deny incoming connections from external IP addresses. PSNC Briefing 054/17: How to extract more from your connection – an N3 &HSCN update (August 2017) One option is for contractors to install an additional “normal” broadband line for Internet use, which does not involve the transmission of sensitive patient data. .

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