United Voice Eba Agreement

Exact times and locations will be announced as soon as they have been confirmed with management.. . . . New agreement – AG11 de 2011 Shire of Murray.doc AG 8 -2018 – Shire of Murray (Outside Workforce) Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018 – Notice.pdf Notice PSAAG 7 of 2011 PS and GO General AG 2011.doc. . Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Since the casino reopened in late June, members have teamed up to discuss the impact of the COVID 19 shutdown and how it affects our payment and terms. Notice NEW CONTRACT -AG 62 of 2009 Edmund Rice.doc. . Chief Commissioner Beech, 8 Oktober 2008 (veröffentlicht am 9/10/2008) Chief Commissioner P E Scott (veröffentlicht am 16/11/2017) 60-2007 – Notice re s47 – Kündigung einer Vereinbarung.doc Mitteilung NEUE VEREINBARUNG – AG 23 von 2010 Australian Labor Party (WA Branch).doc Bekanntmachung Neue Vereinbarung PSAAG 9 von 2010 Kinderschutz Wiese.doc CHIEF COMMISSIONER SCOTT (Veröffentlicht am 20.