Visiting Faculty Agreement

4. If, in a given year, a larger number of candidates than the campus is allowed, the propst shall make the final decisions regarding the appointment of the invited Confederates. 1. The current curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae of the person appointed for a visiting professorship shall be made available to and verified by the proposed faculty and chair of the host service. With the agreement of the invited program, the competent dean will recommend the appointment to the Propst (or his delegate). 3. The hiring of visiting professors must not lead to the eviction or reduction of the time of a member of the temporary staff of temporary teachers (KNA 12). One. Who has the right to become a visiting professor? Where possible, visiting faculty will have access to academic resources similar to those offered and made available by tenure-track faculties and full-time faculty. These resources may include, but are not limited to, library permissions, access to administrative services and other related materials, email delivery, and a campus email account.

If a host teacher is teaching, there is room for consultations. The extent of resources available to a member of the visiting professor is at the discretion of the Dean and these benefits are indicated in the letter of appointment to the individual. Visiting teachers may teach, research, advise and/or supervise, help improve existing programs or develop new courses, participate in program meetings, participate in symposia and organize symposia, and participate in other university or public service activities that align with their appointments and the mission of the university.