Divest Now!

If you want to join the divestment movement and Defund DAPL you can start a coalition in your local community or reach out other organizations that might be already be organizing for the DefundDAPL movement. Click here to find out how. And here to learn about which banks are funding DAPL.

In Seattle, one of the first city’s to move towards total divestment in DAPL, started a coalition including leading Native American activists, local groups such as Ndns for Justice, 350 Seattle, Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites, and Our Revolution. Their boycotts and protests of the bank Wells Fargo in February 2017 resulted in the Seattle City Council unanimously voting to end the city’s relationship with the bank over the bank’s financing of DAPL. The council took away $3 billion of city funds from Wells Fargo.

When you are ready, find nearby events or register your own #DefundDAPL action!